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Friday, April 28, 2017

7 pm, Film "Resonance" (2014), 8 pm, Resonance II

Saturday, April 29, 2017

2 pm, Film "Resonance" (2014), 3 pm, Resonance II


Dancing for Japan 2017 Concert

Thursday, April 27, 7 pm





Choreographed by Miki Orihara

Music by Xxxxxxx xxxxx

Costume by Xxxxx xxxxxx

Lighting by TBD

Premiere: World Premiere

Dance by Miki Orihara

Inspired by Martha Graham's Lamentation


#1 Music reflection by Senri Oe



(An excerpted solo)

Choreography by Merce Cunningham

Music by Toshi Ichiyanagi, Activities for Orchestra

Costume by TBD

Lighting by TBD

Staged by Andrea Weber

Premiere: 1967

Dance by Miki Orihara

Lighting Design by Beverly Emmons,1967



#2 Music reflection by Senri Oe



(A solo from North Star)

Choreographed by Lar Lubovitch

Music by Philip Glass

Costume by Clovis Ruffin

Original Lighting by Craig Miller

Staged by Ronni Favors

Premiere: 1978

Dance by Miki Orihara


#3 Music reflection by Senri Oe



(A War-Time Dancer in White)

Choreographed by Tanroh Ishida and Miki Orihara

Music by JetSam

Costume by TBD

Lighting by TBD

Premiere: World Premiere

Dance by Miki Orihara


Shirabyoshi, its literal translation is "White Stamping". It was a name given for a type female dancer during Japan's samurai era. Those dancers were one of a few entertainers for war time warriors. Shogun Takauji Ashikaga (1305–1358) famously fell in love with one of those dancers. There is no written document explaining what the dance was looked like. All we know is that they wore white costume and a specific hat that was worn by men. It was a kind of transsexual attire. Some suggests she even danced with a sword. This description reminded us of the memorable dance in Cavani's "The Night Porter" which suggests there must have been a kind of eroticism to a woman wearing men's authoritative uniform. What also interested us is that they were women who's circumstance forced them into witnessing the consequences of war first handedly. They were constantly tossed about by the tragedies of war. Therefore, it is not too far fetched to guess that they would have inserted a sense of resistance in their art form. Women and children often are the worst victims of a war. Our version of "Shirabyoshi" is what it would've be like if Shirabyoshi existed in more recent era. Miki brought in her skills and techniques gained mainly from Martha Graham. Tanroh on the other hand introduced the physicality of Japanese traditional movements to Miki. Many choreography were influenced by Sanbaso Dance. The rehearsal process felt almost like exploring how Martha Graham would have embodied Japanese traditional dance if she faced the exciting challenge.






Choreographed by Charlotte Griffin

Original music composing and perform by Senri Oe

Costume by Karen Young

Lighting by  TBD

Premiere: World Premiere

Dance by Miki Orihara


The every day mundane takes a turn toward the sublime in this solo choreographed as a series of pictographic illustrations. Hinting at the deeply personal through simple gestures and natural repose, the music and dance unite in profound tenderness.—CG




Commissioning support for Resonance II is provided by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


Miki Orihara’s residency at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center is part of the CUNY Dance Initiative (CDI), which receives major support from The Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Howard

Gilman Foundation, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Additional support provided by the Jerome Robbins Foundation and the Harkness Foundation for Dance. CDI is spearheaded

and administered by The Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College.






Partially funded by Gran from Japan Foundation and MAM/Tokyo (Masu Hiroshi Masuyama).






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Dance performance by

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Music performance by

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